Thursday, May 26, 2011

TSA scanners

One former member of the Obama administration left the white house to go to work for the very company selling the infamous "body" scanners to TSA.
Now, this is a perfect way to suck up the Federal government cow in a good old fashion corporatism way (fascism is another word) where people in the government and some key corporations work end to end to help each other.

What happen once this company has sold enough scanners to fill all airports of the country? Let's keep the cash flow coming and focus on other targets: bus stop, train station, highways...  which they did.

Now, if you listen to that video
at 2;00 minutes into the video, the truck driver said he has been waiting for 30 minutes.
Translation: add an additional delay in transport (higher cost for transport companies) meaning higher shipping cost leading to higher costs of food and everything else. Oh, and let's not forget the higher price induced by the inflation incurred by the money that will be printed to pay for the scanners and the TSA agents operating it.

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