Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why legalizing drugs? Or perhaps a better question: Why not?

If you ask any person on the street why drugs are illegal, the answer is likely to be something like
-Because criminals are in this business

Which should *logically* bring the next question - Why are criminals in this business? Now I have to admit that I'm not sure what is the most likely answer from this person on the street. Might be as simple as - "because they are criminals!".  This answer would definitely be right... but it does not justify making drugs illegal.
Shifting the perspective to - what if it was legal, surely then, criminals would no longer be criminals, violence in this area would go away as much as it is the case in the alcohol business. What would be the next complain from the main of the street? Probably something like:
- How would you make sure those driving under the influence of drug be found?
My answer: we have the same issue now. Someone who smoke marijuana and take any other drug, leave it at home and jump on his car free of any drugs, how would a policeman found out today? Making it legal or illegal doesn't change this problem. If the only counter argument give to this point is that making it illegal allows the cops to arrest those who do carry marijuana.  But then my argument to this is that - what if he was not driving under the influence while carrying marijuana?

We could go on and on, those against making it illegal are just analyzing this by looking strictly at the tip of the iceberg without making a solid and profound analysis.
If you happen to be against the legalization of drugs, please comment so I can carry on with the points.
But before you do, try to do some more research on your side by trying to defend all of your arguments yourself - are they really valid - like this one above?  If you are not sure, I hope to help you.
Until then, an excellent documentary is
The Union: the business behind getting high
Here it is on google video:

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